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Published: Oct 11, 2018 Pages: 112
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Non-AlcoholicSteatohepatitis(NASH) is one of the emerging common liver diseases and is often referred to as a silent liver disease. The main feature that characterizes NASH from the entire spectrum of NAFLD is the accumulation of fat leading to major progression of disease towards cirrhosis which is generally diagnosed at the later stages.

As per the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD), the annual clinical burden of NAFLD is projected to be substantial in both the United States and the Europe 4. In the United States, over 12 million incident cases of NAFL and over 600,000 incident cases of NASH are predicted, with proportionally similar results in Europe.

The Global NASH market is expected to reach USD 2,4036 USD million in 2024 in seven major markets including the US, EU5,and Japan. United States accounts for the largest share of the market, which accounts for approximately 46.1 percent followed by EU5 countries and Japan in 2016 owing to the highest prevalent cases, increasing research activities and improved healthcare resources. There is no approved marketed drug yet. Most of the supportive therapies available therapies are contributing to the largest share of the market. The global NASH market is expected to show an extensively significant growth in the near future owing to the rising prevalence of obesity, lifestyle changes, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Emerging drugs such as Ocaliva, Elafibranor, Cenicriviroc, Selonsertib are expected to get launched in 2023, 2022,2020 respectively shall fuel the market growth. Apart from the rising incidence of prevalent cases, obese population other factors like increased healthcare costs, increased GDP per capita are some of the growth drivers will fuel the market in near future. NASH market is obvious to encounter some of the major challenges like diagnostic challenges, complicated disease etiology and less awareness among the masses.

Some of the key players of the market are Intercept, Galmed Pharmaceuticals, Genfit, Allergan, Intercept and Gilead Sciences, which are exclusively involved in the NASH market. Hence, the report covers the in-depth analysis of NASH market along with current trends and comprehensive analysis of all the geographical regions. Also, the profile and growth of major key players are thoroughly analyzed in order to understand the competitive outlook of the global market.

Key Questions Answered:

  • Prevalent cases of NASH Disease in the US, EU5,and Japan; 2016-2024
  • Sub-type specific prevalent cases of NASH Disease in the US, EU5,and Japan; 2016-2024
  • Diagnosed cases of NASH Disease in the US, EU5,and Japan; 2016-2024
  • Market size of NASH Disease in the US, EU5,and Japan; 2016-2024
  • Therapy wise market size of NASH Disease in the US, EU5,and Japan; 2016-2024
  • Product Profile of Current Therapies: Elafibranor, Cenicriviroc, Selonsertib, Obeticholic acid
  • Drug analysis of NASH Disease
  • Pipeline product analysis of NASH Disease
  • Detailed analysis of growth drivers, and challenges
  • Detailed Company Profiling of Key Market Players: Gilead, Intercept, Allergan, Galmed, and Genfit

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